Center for Development and Disaster Management Support Services

CDDMASS is a non-profit working in strategic gap areas of social development, disaster management, public systems management, and sustainable business practices. During the last three years presence in the development marketplace, CDDMASS has worked on strategy design, policy planning, institutional development, capacity building, program design, project life cycle management, strategic evaluation, third party independent impact assessment etc.

The organization provides qualitative technical support and strategic management input in the social development and humanitarian sectors with the vision of "To see different pillars of society harnessing their potential to help communities overcome challenges to lead a life with dignity". The organization assists socially focused clients to develop and execute growth strategies that are driven by a superior understanding of the community especially the BOP, market, governance, and civil society. Our strategic approach facilitates clients to have successful positions in the social marketplace by identifying emerging business situation, community (customers') needs and demands, aligning differentiated supply to fulfil it and transform their most important strategies into high-impact social business results through translating vision to actionable plans, create the conditions for success within the organization. The organization aims to bridge the gap between strategy and reality.

The organization besides it's in house core group of experts also has wide Network of Associates that consists of persons of eminence well known both nationally and internationally drawn from various areas of development, namely, Disaster Management, Drinking water, Sanitation, Water resource Management, Health, Agriculture, Horticulture, Forest, Animal Husbandry, Livestock, Dairying, Rural enterprise development, Public systems management, Micro-finance, Social Logistics, Supply chain management, Social housing, Development Financing, Education etc.