• Health and Wellness

  • Bold steps in eliminating Retinopathy of Prematurity Blindness from Odisha_Tapas Ranjan Padhi ,LV Prasad Eye Institute

    Efforts to serve underprivileged and difficult-to-reach Areas in West Bengal under PPP Spectrum_Prof Wohab, Southern Health Improvement Samity

    Financing for Health_Experiences from Tamil Nadu_Prof. Umakant Dash , IIT Madras

    Financial Management Practices under NHM

    Health Financing in India_Current Challenges and Future Prospects_Sakthivel Selvaraj, PHFI

    Health System Financing in Odisha by Dr Sarit Kumar Rout_Kirti Sundar Sahu, IIPH-B

    Health System preparedness for universal coverage _Provision of RMNCH+A and TB in public health facilities in Odisha_Dr. Raj Mohan Panda PHFI, New Delhi

    Health System preparedness for universal health coverage_Provision of RMNCH+A and TB in public health facilities in Odisha_Patients Perspectives_Dr Rajna Mishra, PHFI-N.Delhi

    Human Resources for Health Future Directions_Prof. Sanjay Zodpey, IIPH-New Delhi

    Innovations in Public Health Care System in Odisha-District Cancer Chemotherapy Program_P.K.B. Pattanaik

    Local Self-Governance in Health Evidences from Odisha_Dr. Bhuputra Panda, IIPH-Bhubaneswar

    Management of ROP Our experience while addressing this iceberg disease in Eastern India_Tapas Rajan Padhi, LV Prasad Eye Insitute

    Retinopathy of Prematurity _Tapas Rajan Padhi, LV Prasad Eye Insititute

    Retinopathy of Prematurity _Tapas Rajan Padhi, LV Prasad Eye Insititute

    Swasthya Swaraj_Towards a people's movement for SWARAJ in health by Swasthya Swaraj Comprehensive Community Health Programme

  • Food and Nutrition Security

  • Forests as Food Producing Habitats -A research evidence from the Kondh Community in Rayagada district_Living Farms

    Geriatric Nutrition_HelpAge India

    Hunger Mapping_WFP's Initiatives

    Impacting School Learning and Cognitive Development

    Integrated Agriculture for Sustainable Food and Nutrition Security in Odisha

    SBC in Nutrition-using community platform( Jeevika), Bihar_Biraj Laxmi Sarangi

    Scaling up maternal, infant & young child nutrition in the first 1000 days_Dr. Alok I Ranjan

    Strategic Direction towards a Climate Smart and Nutrition Sensitive Agriculture in Odisha_Suryamani Roul

    Stunting and its impact on child survival in Odisha

    Transforming Food and Nutrition Landscape _Basanta Kumar Kar

  • School Education and Quality Learning

  • Access to Education in Difficult Areas

    Case Stories from Jharkhand and Assam _CRY

    Community participation-Building a bridge between Child Education needs and Education system performance_Gouranga Ch. Mohapatra, BVGS

    Education - How inclusive_Sneha Mishra, aaina)

    Improving Quality of SchoolEducation_MHRD


    TESS, India

  • Tribal Empowerment and Development

  • Fifth Schedule PESA and FRA View from Governors office of Maharashtra

    Forest Based Livelihood-NTFP

    Implementation of Forest Rights Act in Odisha - Issues and Challenges

    Tribal Empowerment and Development at a glance

    Tribal Governance and Administration

  • Rain-fed Agricultre

  • Presentation/Aquifers, Communities & Water Security

    Back Yard Poultry for Livelihood and Nutritional Security _RRA

    Commons and Livestock - Significance ,Processes and Impacts from experiences in Rajasthan_Swapna, FES

    Conservation to Governance of Water as a Common Resource_Swapna, FES

    Drought impact, and mitigtion_Dr. (Mrs.) Anupama Baliarsingh

    Integrated Livestock model_PRADAN

    Pathe Pathshala-The social innovation

    Protective Irrigation-A New Paradigm_Ravindra A, WASSAN

    Strategy for Drought Mitigation in Odisha_SK Ambast, ICAR-IIWM

  • Employment, Skill and Migration



    MGNREGA-Empowerment and Employment_PRADAN

    Education and Vocational Education in India_Aide et Action

    Unorganised Labourers in Odisha_Aide et Action

  • Disaster and Climate Change

  • Integrated Coastal Zone Management - A frame work for sustainable development_Dr. A .K. Pattnaik

  • Governance and Fiscal Management

  • New & emerging sources of revenue for development_Basant Nayak

    A closer look at Odisha_CK Matthew_PAI

    Redesigning the Government_RS Gopalan

  • Sustainable Development Partnership

  • Project LEISA (Organic Nutrients & Pesticide)_CII

    Priority CSR 2.0 in Odisha_FIDR