Inter Agency Group, Odisha

Inter-Agency Group - Odisha is a consortium of 26 international agencies ensuring minimum humanitarian standards in disaster risk reduction and management with unified action and improved coordination in the state. It was formally established in March 2004 to work in close coordination with the Govt. and other civil society bodies in the state of Odisha. It primarily provides assistance in the field of emergency response and fosters a culture of promoting values for quality and accountability in disaster response. It aims at building capacity for preparedness at various levels, takes lead for collective approach and supports all initiative taken up by Govt. or Non - Govt. bodies in the field of disaster management to develop models in the state. It coordinates with INGOs, UN Agencies, Govt. Depts. like Odisha State Disaster Management Authority (OSDMA), Special Relief Commissioner (SRC), Revenue & Disaster Management Dept at the state level and with the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) and Sphere India at the national level.

IAG Odisha supplements the efforts of Govt. in identifying information gaps, providing quality post-disaster assistance, and act as a state level reference center for knowledge management and technical resource. It facilitates inter and intra coordination, training and capacity building, information & knowledge management and common advocacy through a collaborative process for quality and accountability. .

IAG Odisha operates through its secretariat hosted by Indian Red Cross Society, Odisha State Branch, which also chairs the consortium. Its initiatives are guided by the core principles of Sphere Project and governed by the Charter for IAG Odisha. .