National Centre for Advocacy Studies (NCAS)

National Centre for Advocacy Studies (NCAS) based at Pune, Maharshtra emerged as a result of the collective vision and commitment by social activists who felt the need for a resource centre to facilitate advocacy for issues of public concern, specifically the rights of marginalised people. NCAS is a social change resource centre that aims at creating enabling conditions for people's empowerment at the grass-roots and facilitating efforts for human rights, social justice, transparent, participatory and accountable governance. The focus of NCAS' activities is in India and South Asia and it has emerged as a premier organisation for People Centred Advocacy throughout the Global South. NCAS works as a collective of activists, researchers, public interest lawyers, journalists and subject experts. It has pioneered the concept and praxis of "People-Centred Advocacy".From 2011 onwards, NCAS has a desk at Bhubaneswar , Odisha.

Adivasi Resource Centre (ARC) was initiated in 2008 as a special programme of NCAS to address governance and developmental issues of the adivasi community in central-eastern part of India. The ARC was launched with the following objectives:

  • To bridge the gap in understanding of micro-macro linkages by building, consolidating and disseminating knowledge resources on Adivasi and governance issues
  • To create space for interface between civil society and the legislative system to deliberate and discuss on Adivasi issues
  • To seek government to become more accountable and responsive to the issues of the adivasis

A series of report cards has been published by the ARC to bridge the information gap between the institutions of governance and Adivasis in the states of Maharashtra, Odisha and Chhattisgarh.