Practical Action is a development charity with a difference. Founded by the renowned economist Dr. E.F. Schumacher in 1966, the organisation believes in Schumacher's philosophy of 'Small is Beautiful' and exhibits real and sustainable improvements to poor people's lives through small intervention. In India Practical Action works through its different presence and capacity.

Based on the values of Technology justice the organisation aims at a sustainable world free of poverty and injustice in which technology is used for the benefit of all. The organisation's mission statement talks about contributing to poor people's wellbeing, using technology to challenge poverty by building the capabilities of poor men and women.

Practical Action in India has been working in India in two broad areas such as Urban WASH-Waste and on Renewable energy along with its knowledge delivery projects.

Urban WASH:

  1. Project Nirmal: Being implemented in Dhenkanal and Angul municipalities, this project aims at setting up a faecal sludge management system for both the cities.
  2. SwachhSamudai: This project aims at having an inclusive awareness and change in behaviour and practices of good sanitation among the citizens with setting up an effective faecal sludge management system.

Access to Energy:

  1. ACCESS:Project access has successfully created women entrepreneurs who are manufacturing less smoke cook stoves designed by practical action and creating market and demand for the product through their out-reach and self-sustainable model.
  2. Total Energy Projects:As a pioneer across globe, Practical Action has been using its expertise to rehabilitate and revamp the defunct micro hydro projects in the state with the support from OTELP (Odisha Tribal Empowerment and Livelihood Programmes).

As a strategy we always connect each of our projects to market or a business model where, the projects self-sustain themselves.

Practical Answers:

Practical Answers is the Technical Information Service of Practical Action which delivers knowledge among different communities. In order to serve the need and demand of communities, Practical Answers impart technical knowledge and enhance the know-how of community in the issues we work.